Poor health and wellbeing in employees is a problem that many businesses are unsure how to tackle. This results in productivity loss and more sick days, which can drive up costs for businesses.

However since 2020, more businesses have implemented wellbeing programmes to better support their employees – but it can be difficult to know if these services really do improve the wellbeing of staff.

In the search for a better quality of life, people are often left without a clear support system. Public services can only go so far, while the challenge is too overwhelming, too confusing and too emotionally dense for individuals to tackle without guidance and support. This is where employers step up to provide that support to their people, through klip. Growing your people, improves your customer outcomes and grows your business.

When you purchase klip for your company your employees will have access to:

– Medical-grade assessments to evaluate your staff’s current life satisfaction and holistic wellbeing.

– Followed by personalised plans and support to ensure they achieve their wellbeing goals.

As an employer, you will receive regular, data-driven updates that show you precisely how klip is improving the wellbeing of your employees. Klip takes corporate wellness to the next level, encouraging everyone in your company to flourish, and live their genius.

We also work with key leaders in your organisation to address structural and cultural factors which can promote optimal employee wellbeing and sustainable performance.

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